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Your Child is on the Spectrum.

As a parent when you hear those words your whole world shifts. The fear of Autism, ADD, ADHD, a host of pervasive developmental disorders looms large in your mind.

Other parents see your child as the hyperactive troublemaker, disrupting their own child’s progress; a problem that needs solving, or simply pushed to one side.

You as a parent move heaven and earth to find an answer.

In many cases the behavioural experts suggest the answer lies within drugs. Psychoactive drugs. The thought fills you with dread.

But what if there was an effective alternative for children with challenging behaviours?
What if there were a drug free therapy? 

One that has transformed the lives of hundreds of children, and that could do the same for your son or daughter.

For the parents in this documentary that therapy was a turning point in their families’ lives. This is their story …

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Bob Allen - Access Potential

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Screened - Cannes Film Festival May 16th 2018 - Palais F